As with a baby in the womb, so are we in Christ Jesus.

The baby had nothing to do with being placed in the mother’s womb, it is a gracious gift of God. From the point of conception, everything that the baby does, happens in the womb. When the baby is sleeping, eating, growing, you name it, it is happening in the womb. Where the mother goes, the baby goes. What she eats, the baby eats as well. The baby is protected inside the womb and receives everything while inside the womb. At just the right time, the baby is born.

This is also true of those who have become a new creation in Christ Jesus. We had nothing to do with our salvation, it is a gracious gift from God, for we are saved by grace (Eph 2:8). The Bible tells us that we live, and move, and have our very existence in Christ (Acts 17:28). Everything that we do after we received Christ Jesus into our heart is done in Christ.

We were moved out of the old evil sinful life found in Adam/Satan into a Holy and Righteous life found only in Christ Jesus. Therefore, whether we, eat, sleep, grow, work, or play, it is all done in Christ. He becomes our source for life.

For we are hidden in Christ in God (Col 3:3) and when Christ who is our life appears, we too will be revealed with Him (Col. 3:4). Just as a baby is protected in the mother’s womb, so are we who are in Christ Jesus. It is written that we are children of God and He protects us from the evil one. (1 John 5:18)

 “We know that everyone who has God as his Father does not go on sinning; on the contrary, the Son born of God protects him, and the Evil One does not touch him.” (1 John 5:18 CJB)

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